Water is Not a "Natural Resource"

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So many live without the benefit of clean water and the sanitation that it provides. As we commemorate World Water Day on March 22, what should our response be? In this week's infographic take a journey to better understand how humanity has used the resource God so generously provided to us. We have not been good stewards at a global level and we must consider how God would want us to respond. How will you respond?

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Personal Reflection
Water is so easy to take for granted in many parts of the world. In other parts it is a luxury that is assumed to be in limited supply. In either extreme, we are assuming that the status quo is what we must live with. But there are other options. As God's children we can respond to God's generous gift of water with thankfulness and stewardship. What could you do to steward the water you access? Then as you steward your resources, how could you move beyond that stewardship to generously provide water and the opportunity for sanitation to others? Don't miss the chance that World Water Day provides to respond to God's gift.

Engaging the Church
How does your church use water? Have you done an audit of your stewardship of water in your own building and grounds? Whether you are a church of ten or ten thousand, your community uses water. Once you have done an audit of your water usage, consider how you might better steward water as a community. Talk about your water usage with your congregation and get them involved in thinking through ways of being wiser stewards. Then as you respond to God's generosity, consider how could you bless your community and the world with the same opportunity?

Organizational Application
If you are a relief and development organization it is likely that you are well aware of the need for clean water and sanitation. But what might a nonprofit not involved in this area need to consider? If you are involved in other types of ministries, do you know the status of the water among those you are serving? Have you asked about their water and how they deal with the challenges of having adequate and clean water? What could you do as an organization to raise awareness among your staff for the water issues that your partners, staff or offices might be facing? Create an opportunity for dialogue and interaction about how water might fit into your ministry, even if it doesn't seem to naturally fit. Remember, God's resources need to be stewarded no matter what form they take!

Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at World Water Day Infographic