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Who is this page for?

Anyone who is looking to purchase GMI books, software, data or any other GMI product. Here you will find links to information about our  products, and to the GMI Store.

What pages do you recommend?

  • Operation World - learn about the new Operation World CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and wall map
  • GMI Store - the place to buy our mission information products
  • Products - learn about all of our software, data sets, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, books and maps
  • CD-ROMs - learn about the CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs we offer
  • GIS for Christian Ministry - learn about GMI's Geographic Information System (GIS) software and data sets
  • World GeoDatasets - innovative and refined data for geographic analysis

Anything else I should know?

In addition to selling mission research books and CD-ROMs, we also create and publish professional GIS software and data.


If you are having a problem with any GMI product, check our Technical Support section or Contact Us and we will help you solve the problem.