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Who is this page for?

Those who use Geographic Information System (GIS) products or are interested in learning more about GMI's GIS software and data sets.

What pages do you recommend?

  • Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS) - the leading GIS package for international Christian ministries
  • Populated Places Database - a database of cities, towns, and villages, combining the best features and minimizing the deficiencies of the best freely-available populated place data sets
  • World Language Mapping System - comprehensive mapping of the homelands of the world's living languages
  • Seamless Digital Chart of the World - enhanced, detailed base map of the world's geo-physical/geo-political features
  • World GeoDatasets - GMI's GeoData site featuring innovative and refined data for geographic analysis
  • World GeoDatasets Store - purchase GeoData products

Anything else I should know?

Our GIS software and data packages are compatible with Esri's ArcGIS.