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Products An overview of GMI's CD-ROMs, books, and GIS products.

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In fulfilling our mission "to produce and present world-class research that fuels emerging mission movements and leaders," we deliver strategic mission information collections via a variety of products: CD-ROMs, books, GIS packages, and websites.

To purchase any of our CD-ROMs and books, click on the Store link.

The Future of the Global Church

See Patrick Johnstone's (author of six editions of Operation World) bold vision of the global Christian church based on his fifty years of experience in the field in his new book (eBook available through GMI).

Operation World

Check out the new Operation World products:

Mission InfoBank

A vast library of valuable mission information resources, including maps, graphs, presentations, documents, images, audio, and video - most are free.

Technical Support

For technical support information for any of our CD-ROMs, click on the Technical Support link.