The Calling of the Knowledge Steward

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The Calling of the Knowledge Steward

by Jon Hirst



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Christians are called to be good stewards of time, talents, and treasures.

Jon Hirst also urges believers to steward knowledge, an abundant resource few of us handle well.


“There have been plenty of books and sermons telling Christians what to think,” says Hirst. “We need to explore how to think, and how to steward the knowledge we have to reach more people for Christ.”


The Calling of the Knowledge Steward introduces readers to Christian leaders who proactively steward knowledge today, as well as to ancient stewards found in the Bible.


“Knowledge stewards excel at something all of us were created to do,” says Hirst, “know and be known.”


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Jon Hirst

“Jon Hirst expertly models for us his own message by stewarding the knowledge that God has given him about knowledge stewardship. He is the first to tap into this critical aspect of stewardship that to my awareness no one else has addressed. His book is a leading voice that needs to be understood and implemented by all in positions of leadership and influence.”

--Dr. Kent Wilson, Executive Coach & Steward Leadership Author


“Jon helps sort through the clutter and provides us with a clear roadmap for the way ahead. This book is replete with stories, case studies, and practical examples to guide us as we go. Jon offers key questions for our self-reflection and action steps to get us moving ahead as knowledge stewards. May we all be better knowledge stewards for the sake of God’s kingdom and for His glory.”

--R. Scott Rodin, President of The Steward’s Journey and Kingdom Life Publishing


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