Go, but Go Wisely Finding Your Way as You Go on Mission

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Go, but Go Wisely:

Finding Your Way as You Go on Mission


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Go but Go Wisely

With tens of thousands of young people headed out to serve around the world in missions this summer, GMI is launching a new resource to equip a new generation of young people going on mission.


God has called you to serve Him.  How will you respond?


You sense God calling you to a life of Christian service. But what should you do? How should you do it? And where should you serve?

If you ever feel you need an experienced and caring mentor to guide you and help you discern your calling, these veteran workers and authors are ready to help: Justin Long, Amy Jacober, Terry Linhart, David Livermore, Kay Marshall Strom, Paul Filidis, Carla Foote and other veteran workers.

Now more than ever, believers from all walks of life and all areas of the world are responding to God’s call by serving in schools and businesses, doing works of compassion and social action, traveling to the ends of the earth and serving in their own back yards.


Go if God has called you. But before you go, there is research and work you can do to increase your likelihood of being fruitful in that service.


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