Help Your Missionaries Thrive

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Help Your Missionaries Thrive

by Ken Harder and Carla Foote


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The Leadership Landscape




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Your people are committed to the cause.

Are you committed to helping them succeed?


Mission workers are some of the most devoted, hardest-working people in the world, but they don’t always get the leadership and support they need to thrive.


Now, new research from GMI, in partnership with Best Christian Workplaces Institute, shows how leaders can make significant changes by focusing on a handful of simple but powerful leadership practices.


Find answers to some of the top questions missionary workers face:

  • Who can I trust?
  • Why is it so difficult to get along with my team?
  • Can I have some feedback please? 
  • How can we best use my specific expertise?
  • Do I matter? Do I have a voice in our organization? 
  • Who can help me? 

Harder and Foote team up to show how leaders who commit to a handful of key leadership practices can help their workers overcome these challenges and thrive.



“The exciting thing is your people can thrive in mission if you’re willing to invest in the practices that will help them do their best,” says author and leadership consultant Ken Harder. “God has called amazing men and women to serve Him through mission organizations. These godly servants need your help to fulfill this holy calling.”



Help Your Missionaries Thrive is an outstanding resource for those interested in improving the health of their mission agency. The thought provoking recommendations which flow from robust research are highly relevant to mission leaders and to anyone involved in the development and training of missionaries.  The content aims to spur growth in leadership skills, which will result in increased Kingdom impact for missionary teams.  SIM is already using the material, having found it to be highly effective for leadership development of country directors and leadership teams around the world. 

    -- Dr. Geoffrey W. Hahn, SIM Deputy International Director


Having met with hundreds of missionary couples across the years, it’s clear that organizational and team leadership play critical roles in workers’ health and ministry. And this dynamic is not limited to mission organizations alone.  Ken Harder and Carla Foote offer in-depth insight and practical tools to strengthen the leadership and health of organizations that want to have a greater impact for Jesus.  We are going to apply some of these principles to our work here at SonScape Retreats.

     --Larry Magnuson, President, SonScape Retreats


Every mission leader must take the time to listen well. Good listening is aided by good questions. But sometimes as leaders we just don’t want to hear the answers. The ENGAGE survey asked our missionaries great questions, and the treasure that was culled from the data continues to be so helpful in sorting our organizational sweet spots from our blind spots.  Help Your Missionaries Thrive presents an invaluable overview of the research results and implications, and acts as a road map that informs many of the action steps needed to improve organizational health.

     --Phil O’Day, Executive Vice President, Camino Global



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