Serving God in Today’s Cities Facing the Challenge of Urbanization

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Serving God in Today’s Cities:

Facing the Challenge of Urbanization

by Patrick Johnstone with Dean Merrill

Series: Engaging Challenges Facing the Global Church


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Serving God in Today's Cities

Welcome to the world’s first urban century.  How will you respond?


For the first time ever, more people now live in cities than outside them.


Join veteran researcher and missiologist Patrick Johnstone as he explores the fastest growing cities and megacities, showing how Christian workers address people’s spiritual, physical, and social needs.  


Cities offer both big headaches and vast opportunities, and agencies that once focused on rural work are increasingly turning their attention to urban centers.

Patrick Johnstone left England’s countryside in 1962 to serve the bustling townships of apartheid-era South Africa. His pioneering urban ministries changed his life.


Journey with Patrick as he shares God’s heart for the city and introduces pastors, missionaries, and community workers who are addressing urbanization’s key challenges.


God has a heart for today’s cities. See how you can join this urgent mission.

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Dean Merrill

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