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GIS Products Global geographic information system (GIS) software and data sets.

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Geographic Information System Products

GMI publishes, distributes and supports powerful geographic software and global data collections to support Christian church and missions mapping professionals around the world.

The logo for the Global Ministry Mapping System Global Ministry Mapping System combines highly-functional Geographic Information System (GIS) software with a vast collection of geographic data, statistical data, software extensions, and sample maps carefully chosen to help Christian ministries plan, coordinate, and evaluate mission work.
 Populated Places Database  Populated Places Database, an optional extension to the Global Ministry Mapping System, including a global database of 2.3 million cities, towns and villages with names, alternate names, populations (where available), longitude/latitude locations, and ArcGIS layer files for several different cartographic representations.
Harvest Information System (HIS) Registry of Geography HIS Registry of Geography - a set of standardized codes used for identifying geopolitical areas. The present code covers three levels of political geography



Seamless Digital Chart of the World Seamless Digital Chart of the World is an enhanced and upated version of the best currently-available global vector base map (the Digital Chart of the World, Vector Map Level 0, Edition 5), updated and enhanced with globally seamless data in shapefile format, updated country and province polygons, an extended set of population-classified cities and towns, and flow-classified rivers and streams.
World Language Mapping System World Language Mapping System is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and trusted geographic data set of the locations of the world's 6,900 ethno-linguistic peoples.
Peoples of South Asia Peoples of South Asia is a database of the peoples, languages, religions, tribes, and castes of South Asia, with population statistics by district.
World Factbook GeoDatabase World Factbook Geodatabase provides the CIA's World Factbook quantitative data in Esri Personal Geodatabase format.


Seamless Digital Chart of the World* a globally seamless adaptation of the Digital Chart of the World (Vector Map Level 0, Edition 5) in ESRI shapefile format, with country polygons and updated first-level subdivisions of countries providing detailed geo-political and geo-physical geography.

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