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CD-ROM vs DVD A chart describing the differences between the Operation World CD-ROM and DVD

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What's the difference between the CD-ROM and the DVD?

With the arrival of the new Operation World, it can be a bit confusing knowing which product best serves your needs. The chart below compares and contrasts the Operation World CD-ROM with the Operation World DVD so that you know what comes in each product and find the Operation World that works best for you.


The Operation World DVD gives you more than 10,000 files of Operation World information. See the detailed content list of the DVD.





Full OW book content as full color PDF x x
Hyperlinked Table of Contents, Navigation x x
Search x x
Copy to/run on hard disk, electronic device x x
Create your own OW maps online x x
Full OW book content in EPUB format   x
High-res color maps and graphs from the book   x
Extended data tables not in the book  (in PDF)   x
Extended OW data sets as Excel spreadsheet files   x
Additional full-color graphs for each country   x
Additional full-color maps not in the book   x
Map animations not in the book (Chr.; Evang.)   x
Additional appendices not in the book   x
Video of OW Author presenting global summary   x
PowerPoint of OW global summary   x
PowerPoint for each country (4-slide intro data)   x
PDF for each country's full content from the book   x
Flag of each country   x
Extended use/reproduction permissions   x
Access to private website for additional  OW content   x