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Operation World FAQ Frequently asked questions about the Operation World CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and wall map

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What do the orange circles vs. blue circles mean on the prayer requests?

The orange numbered prayer requests are ones which the author (Jason Mandryk) believes to be particularly strategic. These are the requests which are shown in the printed book as having a grey circle around their number.

What are people saying about Operation World?

"Operation World DVD is Epic" Many leaders around the world are talking about Operation World. Read what they have to say here.

What's the difference between the CD and DVD?

Think of the DVD as an enhanced edition that has everything the CD-ROM has and more. See this comparrison chart that clearly shows the differences between the two products.

What content is included on the OW DVD?

Not only does the Operation World  DVD contain the entire 1000+ page book (in both PDF and ePUB formats), it also has more than 10,000 files including maps, PowerPoint presentations, charts, tables, videos and much more. Check out the entire list of DVD contents to see everything included. You can also see samples of all the different media available on the DVD.

Can I run the CD/DVD on my hard disk without needing a CD/DVD drive?

Yes. Both the Operation World CD-ROM and DVD include the option to install the entire product onto your harddrive so you do not have to carry it with you. Click the "Installation Instructions" tab below to find out how.

Installation Instructions

Can I run the CD/DVD on my portable device?

Yes. The End-User License Agreement allows you to use Operation World on one portable electronic device such as a smartphone, personal digital assistant or eBook reader in addition to your computer.

Putting Operation World onto Your Portable Device

Is there a way to go DIRECTLY to PRAY TODAY when the OW CD/DVD starts (instead of starting OW and then clicking on Pray Today)?


Can I use CD/DVD material in my own documents, presentations, websites, databases, etc.?

You are allowed to use different amounts of materials depending on which Operation World product you own. The following pages best some up user permissions:

Can I run the CD/DVD on multiple computers?

You are only allowed to install the Operation World CD-ROM and DVD-ROM on one computer. However, multi-user licenses are available for those who wish to use Operation World products on several products.

How do I get technical support for the OW CD/DVD?

Technical support for the Operation World CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are available here. If you can not find the answers to your questions, contact us here:

Are there discount prices for large quantity orders of Operation World products?

Bulk pricing IS available for the Operation World CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and wall map. Email or call 1-800-569-6312 for more information.