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What Others are Saying Christian leaders talk about Operation World

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“When we recognized the incredible strategic value of the new Operation World DVD, we immediately made a copy available to every one of our field area directors. For us, this has become a primary “go-to” source for key decision-making information critical in grasping the challenging operational context in which our ministry partners work throughout the least reached areas of the world.”
“I received my copy of the new version of Operation World yesterday. I had ordered the Professional DVD edition with many additional maps, charts and PowerPoint presentations, as well as the right to reproduce the content for ministry purposes. It even gives me the ability to put OW on my Kindle.”

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“I carry only one DVD with me everywhere I go: Operation World 2010. The book is great, but the DVD brings the material alive. Besides, it makes me look smart. When I open it up in a meeting and project it on the screen, people think I have information at my fingertips. Huh. The truth is -- I do.”
“I am amazed at all the material that you have on a single DVD. IT is a veritable reference library on a DVD. The PowerPoint presentations alone are more than worth the price.”
“Operation World DVD is Epic... Hats off to Jason, the entire OW crew, plus Global Mapping — for bringing technology to us at a bargain price. And here’s the most amazing thing of all: It’s so simple, you will probably be able to use it on any computer (Mac or PC) without even running the install file. Amazing. Thanks guys.”

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“Operation World has been one of the greatest tools for prayer mobilization for our world ever since it was first published. The scope and thoroughness of the research done by Jason Mandryk and his colleagues is truly commendable.”
“This longstanding and trusted resource cuts through the fog to provide an up-to-date snap-shot of what in the world God is doing among the peoples. Operation World will become one of your most valuable books for understanding the nations and how to pray for them! Get it, but don't shelve it. Use it!”
“Operation World is a tremendously useful resource that I use personally, with my family and in my ministry. No Christian family, local church library, Christian leader should be without this vision building, prayer enhancing, information packed tool.”
“Operation World is for people who are not content with simple ‘bless the nations’ prayers. It provides helpful information so believers can pray strategically for key issues and concerns of a nation.”
“No other tool has impacted WEC as a mission agency more than Operation World. The data has guided our strategies and new advances and the prayers stimulated by this resource have been God’s tool to bring transformation into lives and people groups. God has truly used Operation World to shape us as a mission and to change the world.”
“I associate my own zeal for world prayer and missional growth to my involvement with the Operation World project since the early 80s. OW has became a very special most used effective authentic encyclopedic referring tool for even the newly born first-generation churches to become World Christians.”
“In my opinion the greatest contribution to effective intercession for the nations ever published is Operation World. This comprehensive guide is the first source our ministry goes to in gathering information for practical, focused, intercessory prayer for what God is doing globally.”
“By facilitating global intercession Operation World has contributed immensely in provoking a global vision for the world-wide Church. This all-important fuel-for-prayer document has no doubt helped many, including my family and I, to pray for the world in an informed and innovative manner.”
“Operation World is one of the most important Christian books in the world because it mobilises the church to reliably informed intercession. As a long-haired student I kept a previous edition by my bedside and prayed through almost every nation. Today, I recommend Operation World wherever I go.”
“For decades, Operation World has been the most significant book in the global missions movement. This edition continues that unparalleled tradition. Read this volume with an open heart. You will learn spiritual intelligence on what God is doing around the globe.”