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Through the Global Engagement Program GMI affirms our commitment to encourage the Majority World as they deliver services in their contexts and regions. The Global Engagement Program is GMI’s strategy of doing our global work primarily via long-term relationships with a defined group of peers and friends. These relationships function within two programs: the Associates Program and the Fellowship Program as described in their respective web pages.


Participants in the Associates and Fellowship Programs are also involved in the GMI Communities of Interest and Practice.  The larger Community of Interest (CoI) and smaller, more specific, Communities of Practice (CoP’s) are essential components toward enhancing the members’ research and associated efforts. Through collaboration, Associates and Fellows assist each other in the creation, use and application of mission research globally, stimulating and sharpening questions to be researched, as well as how resulting data is produced.


If you are interested in more detail, please contact GMI’s Global Engagement Director Dr. Nelson Jennings.