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Mapping Services An overview of GMI's GIS and mapping services.

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We provide an extensive array of GIS and mapping services to assist international Christian ministries in their learning, planning, management, assessment and communications.

What services can you provide me?

Online Map Library

Looking for a particular map? Search the Mission InfoBank Library for the map you want.

  • Most of the maps can be freely used and distributed for personal and ministry use.
  • Use high quality images in your publications for a modest license fee.
  • Hint: Use keyword(s) plus the word 'map' in the search box to find your map quickly (i.e. "china map").

Online Mapping Service

Want to customize your own map? Make quick and easy maps by simply selecting and filtering data from the extensive Mission InfoBank.

Customize the maps to fit your preferences:

  • Save
  • Print
  • Distribute
  • It's up to you and it's all free.

Custom Mapping Service

Need a specific map but don't have the time or know-how to do it yourself? We can professionally design a map or set of maps tailored to meet your specific ministry needs.

GIS Services

Let us research, design, develop, deliver and maintain custom mapping databases and applications to meet more sophisticated ministry needs.

GIS Consulting

Need GIS advice or just someone to "look over your shoulder"? Let us help you further develop your GIS.

GIS Training

We provide specialized hands-on training for users of the Global Ministry Mapping System, in workshops and one-on-one in your office or ours.

GIS Software and Databases

We serve the international Christian missions community by developing, integrating and/or publishing a wealth of GIS tools, data sets and training. Learn more about any of our GIS products by clicking a link below:

Information Directories

Want more mapping information than we offer here? Explore our Discover section, which directs you to GIS and mapping resources for Christian ministry.

Let's Work Together

We would love to discuss how we might partner with you in providing mapping services for missions. Please contact us.



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