The services we provide

Information Publishing An overview of GMI's information publishing services.

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In fulfillment of our mission "to produce and present world-class research that fuels emerging mission movements and leaders," we publish strategic research resources for international church and mission work.

What services can you provide me?

Online Publishing

We provide you an easy platform to publish your missions information to a global audience via the Mission InfoBank.

Custom Data Reports

Let us research, compile, integrate and present custom data collections to meet your strategic information needs.

Information Products

We compile, format and publish major collections of key mission information online, in CD-ROMs, books and GIS packages all available for purchase in our store.

How do these usually come about?

Our information publishing projects are carried out within partnership with other like-minded ministries.


Are there ways we can partner with you to produce more high-quality mission information and make it available to those who need it? Contact us to explore how we can work together.

Where can I see examples of your work?

Check out our sample projects to see the information publishing work we have done in the past.