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Research Services An overview of GMI's research services.

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We offer a wide range of research services, products and training to assist the Christian missions community better understand their environment and constituents, access the impact of their current approaches, and better plan for new ministry opportunities and trends.

What services can you provide me?

Full-Service Research

The complete package. Let us design, execute, analyze and present research projects for your organization or association, including:

  • quantitative and qualitative research
  • primary and secondary research

Evaluation Services

As you seek to measure the Kingdom impact of your ministry efforts, consider the services and tools GMI is developing to help you approach evaluation in a Kingdom-centered way.

Independent Research Studies

Are you a smaller organization or individual who needs research done? We initiate and/or partner with others to conduct carefully selected research projects studying aspects of Christian mission, making results available to the mission community.

Tools for Your Own Research

Need instructon to start doing research on your own service and your situation? Let us coach you through the design and execution of a practical small-scale field research project using:

Online surveys and focus groups

Want to know what your customers or people you work with/for think about an issue? We can help you quickly gather valuable information from constituents via online surveys, focus groups and research panels.

Research Consulting

If you are a mission group with a desire to:

  • design your own project
  • collect your own data
  • conduct your own data analysis

let us provide email and telephone consulting and feedback. We also participate in:

  • think tanks
  • mission board or staff meetings
  • on-site teams for research or evaluation.

Research Assistance

In keeping with our emphasis on partnering with Christians in the developing world, we provide research resources to carefully selected mission research projects of benefit to the global Christian community. Contact us to see if you apply.

Speaking and Teaching

Want a professional to speak at your next mission conference or retreat? Our researchers are available to pass on their extensive knowledge of the field. Contact us to arrange a speaker.

Research and Information Resources

In partnership with others, we develop and maintain the Mission InfoBank and publish CD-ROMs giving access to valuable missions information collections.

Directories and Links

Want more research information than we offer here? Explore MisLinks and the Discover section of our website, both of which link you to a multitude of further research resources for Christian ministry.


What if I have something in mind that is not on this page?

Let's Work Together

We would love to talk with you about how we might partner with you in providing research services for missions.

Where can I see examples of your work?

Check out our sample projects to see the research work we have done in the past.